Hello, I'm r000t. I'm a Linux sysadmin, Python programmer, information security enthusiast, and one-trick Ekko.

My big technical project at the moment is fediEngine, a cross-platform, native ActivityPub client written in PyQt5. Its primary design goals are bypassing censorship, improving user safety, and being very light on system resources. You should read my post about it. You can also grab an unstable preview alpha copy at fediengine.org.

Social Media

Discord: r000t#0001

Mastodon: I'm serious at infosec.exchange and I shitpost at ligma.pro, which has been cancelled by the more tumblr-y parts of the Fediverse.

Twitch: I'll start streaming League at GNUr000t very soon, I promise. Any day now.

Twitter: Twitter is trash. Anybody on Twitter claiming to be me, isn't. Use Mastodon or Pleroma instead.


[email protected] F830 3E4A 1441 52AD

[email protected] 524A F504 2B6D 36B6

Jabber/XMPP: [email protected]

Signal: +1 6304701769

IRC: I'm not on IRC.

Old Blag Posts

Articles on my old Wordpress blog will eventually be made static and put here. The Internet Archive may have you covered until I get around to it. If you're looking for something specific, I may be able to find and send it over if you get in touch. You may be interested in:

People I've Pissed Off

I've pissed off a lot of people, including: