Hello, I'm r000t. I'm a Linux sysadmin, Python programmer, information security enthusiast, and one-trick Ekko.

I just didn't like how complex wordpress got, so I wanted something simpler that didn't make so many god damned requests. So I made a static site.

Social Media

Discord: r000t#0001

Mastodon: I'm serious at infosec.exchange and I shitpost at ligma.pro, which has been cancelled by the more tumblr-y parts of the Fediverse.

Twitch: I'll start streaming League at GNUr000t very soon, I promise. Any day now.

Twitter: Twitter is trash. Anybody on Twitter claiming to be me, isn't. Use Mastodon or Pleroma instead.


[email protected] F830 3E4A 1441 52AD

[email protected] 524A F504 2B6D 36B6

Jabber/XMPP: [email protected]

Signal: +1 6304701769

IRC: I'm not on IRC.

Old Blag Posts

Articles on my old Wordpress blog will eventually be made static and put here. The Internet Archive may have you covered until I get around to it. If you're looking for something specific, I may be able to find and send it over if you get in touch. You may be interested in:

People I've Pissed Off

I've pissed off a lot of people, including: