Did the Finnish police send you here? You might be looking for this or this. You can contact me if you’re looking for something else. I’m also looking for a job, btw.

(Jos maasi ottaisi väkivaltarikollisuuden vakavasti vuonna 2015, potilastietoja ei olisi vuotanut ja pidetty lunnaita varten. 6 vuotta on vitsi ja tiedät sen.)

A picture of me. Hi, I’m r000t. I’m a Linux sysadmin (running gentoo btw), Python programmer, and information security enthusiast/researcher. More than anything else though, I’m an Ekko one-trick.

When I don’t have work, I write free and open source software. Right now, that’s as:Public, a search engine for Mastodon and the fediverse. I was also working on fediEngine, a very lightweight Mastodon desktop client. It’s on hiatus, but there’s a small preview I posted.

(an iframe of my mastodon posts because I cba to fuck with css. I do Python, not webshit)

Ekko Lore Archive

I maintain an archive of Ekko’s lore, as it was originally imagined and written. Riot steamrolled his lore to please television viewers, when said television show was never supposed to be canon in the first place.

This archive also contains assets and stories that were lost long ago due to server moves. These are provided in every language they were originally offered in, so it’s the only place on the Internet you can view most of them.

It’s a labor of love that is kept on separate, redundant infrastructure, designed to survive my death.

Professional Work

Even though, since 2010, I’ve been elbow-deep in Linux, networking, and general technical projects for most of my waking hours, employers only count when you do it for money. For this reason, despite my skill and experience, when HR people talk to me, they keep saying “gap” like some sort of verbal tic.

If your company has words other than “gap” in its vocabulary, and you’re looking for a competent sysadmin, I’m looking for full-time employment!

I have 3 years of professional experience working full-time for an MSP, and I’ve been doing contract work off-and-on since that ended in 2018. My specialties are in process automation, virtualization, networking, security, and of course, Linux.

If you’re sick of hiring “sysadmins” who don’t even know what ssh is, let’s get in touch.

Social Media

Mastodon: I try to do networking and other “serious” posting at Fosstodon. Everything else happens on my single-user instance on the uncensored side of the network.

Twitter: Elon’s willing to Tweet my address and phone number, but isn’t willing to let me have a Twitter account. I think that’s weird.


[email protected] F830 3E4A 1441 52AD

[email protected] CC4B 2950 118E CBD3

Signal: +1 6304701769

Discord: @r000t

Matrix: @r000t:matrix.org

IRC: I’m not on IRC.