What Happened to Truecrypt?


Today, something odd happened.

The official website for the Trucrypt cross-platform open source encryption program was forwarded to a warning that due to Windows XP being sunsetted, Truecrypt is no longer being maintained, is unsafe to use, and that users should switch to Microsoft’s Bitlocker instead. Additionally, the program was “updated”, such that it only decrypts data, and warns you every step of the way that it’s unsafe to use.

This has caused a minor panic across the Internet. Obviously something strange has happened to Truecrypt and its developers. Was the software really unsafe? Was their website compromised? Is this a hoax or the doing of a three-letter agency?

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The Future of Glass

500px-Google_Glass_logo.svgSince Google released a developer-focused version of their Glass product last year, we’ve learned quite a bit about some possible uses, and some possible technical and social issues behind the product. Businesses are starting to ban Glass from their establishments. People are getting mugged for their Glass, and for using their Glass. One man was questioned by DHS/ICE for having his prescription Glass unit on in a movie theater.

Nearly every problem that society at large has with Glass starts with the unit’s camera. When Google designs and builds the final Glass product to be released to consumers, some changes are going to have to be made that take the incidents above into account. Here are some features I’d like to see in the final Glass build.

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