I’m r000t. People who see what I do at work insist on calling it “DevOps”. None of them seem able to explain exactly what the hell that means.

When I’m not automating everything in sight at work, or guiding Ekko through the Fields of Justice, I use this site for anything from helping folks use NVENC on Linux to pissing off gun-nut lawyers in Texas. Or pissing off script kiddies in Finland. Or pissing off script kiddies in Canada. Or pissing off Osu! players. Or pissing off Riot-freaking-Games!

Mastodon: @[email protected]
Discord: r000t#0001
Email: [email protected]
Protonmail: [email protected] (Preferred)
Signal: +1 (630) 470-1769

I do not have a Twitter due to a fundamental disagreement with their moderation policies. Anybody claiming to be me on Twitter, isn’t. Feel free to report them for impersonation, and if that doesn’t work, then hey, I’m not allowed to be on Twitter, so reporting them for ban evasion may just work.

I’m not currently present on any IRC network. Anybody on IRC claiming to be me, isn’t.

PGP: 6446 A3AE 270E D407 (also on Keybase)

You and your Skype friends are free to giggle and spew broken English at me by calling +1 (630) 470-1769. This phone records all inbound calls.

Finally, while this website uses CloudFlare, the actual IP address of the VM it runs on is 2607:5300:120:26a:a834:98ff:fe4d:4415. Please feel free to DDoS it.

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