On “cheating” League’s Instant Feedback System

UPDATE 15 JUNE 2018: This whole article was slightly out of date, and will be rewritten and reposted soon. If you really want what was here, email me ([email protected]), but I took it down so nobody accidentally use old information (this is a post from April 2017) and lose their account.

But here’s the gist:

1. The IFS is very similar to an email spam filter, in that it scores language and compares the score of a chat log against a threshold

2. A nonzero number of reports causes this scan to be run. 1 report is as good as 9.

3. There are zero tolerance words that, if found twice in a game, result in an instant ban

4. You can totally fool people into saying them and baiting them into getting banned. It’s really fun.

5. Riot Support is actually VMC Consulting, and they aren’t Rioters. They’re two states away from Rioters.

6. VMC wasn’t happy about this article and one of their staffers left a nastygram from their company computer (lol)

7. Riot Tantram can’t stop drinking while driving and I find that concerning

3 comments on “On “cheating” League’s Instant Feedback System

    • How much does VMC pay?

      Seriously bro, if you’re a Riot contractor who wants to leave me nasty comments, at least have the basic common sense to not do it from the company network

      If VMC or Riot Games feels I’m being… negative, they can feel free to report me to my host, OVH. Abuse form is right here: https://www.ovh.com/us/abuse/ Remember: Every report counts!

      By the way, OVH’s report system uses people, not machines.

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I read it a while back and soaked up all the information. Working in IT it just clicked when you said spam filter.

    In the past 30 days I have received over 100 of those nifty ban popups from reporting players. My record is 18 in a single day, and 4 from a single game – TWICE.

    Currently I average 1.4 players banned per game. This is my new hobby. It is like fishing, except the fish are always biting this bait.

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