"A friend in need or a murderous deed. We're defined by the paths we take."

Read the comic originally released with Ekko's champion reveal in May 2015. It hits hard.

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"But why have a copy on your site?"

Because Riot seems to have misplaced theirs, but don't worry, they can borrow mine. I don't lose data. You can keep your own, too. This copy has no telemetry, tracking, or bloated javascript webshit. Shortly, it will be a single file that works offline, and will work just as well in 100 years as it does today. Of course, I've also provided a .pdf, and both a .zip and .tar.gz of the pages. Retcon this.

Now, can we please stop doing takebacksies on the lore just to sell m0ar units? I'd imagine there's at least one freak like me for every champion you put out.

"Why did Riot take it down in the first place?"

The comic viewer needs to pull in multiple software packages. The problem is, Riot fetched them with an "http" link. This was fine when Riot themselves were serving content over insecure HTTP. When Riot started serving content over TLS, browsers refused to load content from non-secure paths. Riot likely only saw a broken comic that had, to them, already served its marketing purpose, and so didn't want to put effort towards locating the problem and adding an "s" somewhere. Maybe if someone at Riot was told that this was the problem, they could put the comic back up. Maybe.