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Ekko Champion Teaser: Seconds

Season 2018 Cinematic: The Climb

Tales of Runeterra: True Genius

Teamfight Tactics: Starting Small

Ekko's Arrival - Wild Rift Champion Trailer

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Alt-universe videos, including Arcane, are not canon. They are out-of-scope and won't be tracked here.

Ekko Champion Teaser: Seconds

"Some things are worth fighting for. Time and time again." Meet League's newest champion, Ekko, the boy who shattered time.

Release Date:10 May 2015
File Size:28.3 MB

Season 2018 Cinematic: The Climb

The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb.

Release Date:14 January 2018
File Size:37.8 MB

This preview has been trimmed. Ekko appears 0:48 into the original video.

Tales of Runeterra: Piltover and Zaun - True Genius

When Heimerdinger's latest hextech creation is stolen by Jinx, the professor sends an unfortunate apprentice on a wild goose chase through the City of Progress... and beneath it.

Release Date:18 April 2020
File Size:249.7 MB

This preview has been trimmed. Ekko appears 1:22 into the original video.

Teamfight Tactics: Starting Small

When Ekko's world turns upside down, Pengu teaches him the way of Little Legends. Created in collaboration with YIZ.Design.

Release Date:09 November 2021
File Size:15.8 MB

Ekko's Arrival - Wild Rift Champion Trailer

No one thinks faster. [<<] Created in partnership with: Huan Jiang Animation

Release Date:10 May 2022
File Size:52.6 MB