“Our community isn’t like this!”

idke viewers: Please tell me more about how






And how it couldn’t possibly have been any of y’all who swatted me twice.

One comment on ““Our community isn’t like this!”

  1. Hi, just wanted to comment on this topic:

    First of all you are sarcastically saying “Our community isn’t like that” to imply the community is indeed very toxic. I don’t want to say it isn’t like that but you can’t count the complete community on it if there are 1000 people harassing you because they think they can’t get in trouble for it. There are enough people in the community that didn’t say anything at all and just said “Ok …. not the nicest way but you are right.”.

    Next is in context to the sentence above. You are in a position that you reported some other persons and accounts before. Therefore you should be a bit familiar with how bigger companys operate and that they don’t give a …. who they are permabanning or tempbanning if they break the rules. Therefore I think you could have contacted the streamer before contacting twitch. And try to settle things outside the law.

    Finally there are this two little tweets that really upset me:

    Here you are directly ask the twitch support what is about money made for the icon.
    I don’t think “idke” has hardly enough subscribers to own a lot of money from subscribers and normaly people don’t just subscribe to get an emote.
    I don’t think you should have asked this question in public but waited if he didn’t remove the emotes and go for it afterwards in private.


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