Skids Will be Skids

Okay so, this shows up on my Twitter notifications…

Screenshot from 2016-02-10 12:41:10

Reality? runs inside a virtual container. In fact, every website, daemon, service, etc. that I operate runs in either a container or a full blown virtual machine. When the hypervisor restarts, for example, after regular updates, not every container is set to start with the system. didn’t start with the system. This, of course, didn’t stop these skidiots from trying to take credit for it when trying to scare somebody else.

So I started the container and bagged on them a little bit. But, looking at the server logs, it does look like an attack is ongoing. But it’s a particularly shitty attack. Only about 5-10 requests per second, from one IP address. Easily walled off at any number of places, including the CDN, the hypervisor, the container, the webserver, or WordPress. Here’s a video of the saddest attack I’ve ever seen.

Those useragents look a bit… dated. Next time, try an off-the-shelf tool that was made in the last five years.

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