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A complete(ish) collection of Ekko's lore, including stories, videos, art, game files, and everything else ever made about him. Even the things Riot forgot about.

Collected and arranged by a one-trick who actually cares.

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Ekko is a League of Legends character. As a child prodigy from the city of Zaun, Ekko manipulates time through an hourglass-shaped device known as the Zero-Drive, or Z-Drive. Through this machine he's built out of spare parts and a discarded, broken crystal, Ekko is able to set a specific point in time, and then "rewind" back to that point, repeatedly. This gives him a significant tactical advantage by both allowing him to undo his own mistakes, and capitalize on knowledge of his opponents' moves, before they even make them.

Ekko is a perfectionist, and makes full use of his Z-Drive to fuel this perfectionism, for better or for worse. He is known to redo even mundane daily tasks until he's absolutely nailed every possible aspect of them. This is not always healthy for him, and is a matter of concern to his friends.

Ekko considers the hourglass to be his personal symbol. He's painted one on his face, he's built his time machine in an hourglass shape, and the design is featured prominently in his graffiti.

Narratively, Ekko and his stories explore the dynamics between Zaun and Piltover, the city above. As a resident of the Sump, Zaun's lowest region, Ekko sees firsthand the horrors and dangers in Zaun that make the clean, regulated life in Piltover possible. While his skills and intellect would guarantee Ekko a comfortable life in Piltover, he steadfastly refuses to sell out. Instead, Ekko cherishes the freedom that Zaun grants him, and the friends and family he could never leave behind. For Ekko, leaving Zaun would be the easy solution, and he doesn't seem to do easy solutions.

Both Ekko's appearance and personality reflect the resilient and rebellious nature of Zaun and its citizens. While Ekko may not have a full perspective of why Zaun and Piltover interact the way they do, he has seen how these interactions are a detriment to the lives of those he cares about the most. This has made Ekko jaded, resentful, and slightly cynical, though he remains upbeat and dedicated to pursuing justice for his friends and family in Zaun.

All I can offer him is the meticulous collection of media related to him, and an honest attempt to prevent it from changing. It doesn't look all that great, but gosh does it load fast!


A collection of written works Riot has released about Ekko is available on its own page. It includes the original, more complete version of his biography that is no longer on Universe.


Riot has released a number of comic books and similar media featuring Ekko. They include...


A collection of videos, such as trailers and other promotional media, are available on their own page. This includes cinematics and trailers for Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra. You can view them here, or download them to your computer.

Champion Reveal

Ekko's champion reveal minisite from April 2015 has been cleaned up, (mostly) bundled into a single file, and made available here. It includes a rundown of his abilities in League, a brief introduction, and some notes from his gameplay designer. Everything except fonts and videos are inlined into the page source, meaning you can just save the page and have a complete copy.

Other Resources

The Universe page for Ekko contains (or at least links to) a lot of the information found here, and might look prettier. But it can be changed at any time, and gosh does it pull in a bunch of external dependencies and telemetry!

The official website for "Convergence" has copies of "A Perfect Life", but they appear to be direct exports from Illustrator, making them abnormally large and unsuitable for casual viewing. That said, it's likely as close to "source" as we can get.

The Riot Archive Project maintains historical game and client data, for pretty much every Riot game, on the Internet Archive. For example, their League archive going back to season 9, and another one for before that! You can learn more at their Discord server or at their Patreon.

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About this archive

Ekko's story hit me very deep, for reasons I still don't entirely understand. While I wasn't a League player before 2015, mere exposure to Ekko got me to start. Since then, I have played no other champions, and I work very hard to preserve Ekko in any way that I can.

This archive was started when I began to notice that older material related to his 2015 release was beginning to disappear due to frequent "remodeling" of the leagueoflegends.com website. While it first included only "web assets" like comics and videos, I have since been asked to include in-game assets, such as voiceovers, models, and textures.

To keep this project "Free as in Zaun, not as in League", I focus on making the content more "durable", by using open formats and removing DRM/telemetry wherever present. To prevent scope creep, only "mainline" Ekko, from League of Legends, is preserved here. Alt-universe content, such as Star Guardian, PROJECT, True Damage, Pulsefire, "Project L", and Arcane, are not-in-scope.

Am I missing something? Do you have something cool that you feel should be preserved here? Do you have "source" or otherwise higher-quality copies of something featured here? Wanna violate an NDA and leak something early? Let's get in touch.